Hello. My name is Patrick Welker and I’m from Berlin, Germany. My journey with the Mac started in 2005.

On RocketINK I write about working with today’s technology; the spectrum of my writing contains the Mac, iOS, web applications and gadgets.

I’m an avowed software hoarder. For one part this is because I like to try out new things, while on the other hand there a lot of well-crafted applications that do one thing right – I like the latter kind a lot.

In addition, I have an affinity for well-designed software and a soft spot for automation – I’m always looking for ways to get repetitive tasks done faster and more efficient.

I like to share stuff. If there is something where I think it could be useful for others, it will probably land on this site.


The Name “RocketINK”

In short: We live in a modern and technologically fast growing era. To me “now” is the real life sci-fi from the movies of my childhood. Our keyboards and touch devices resemble the fuel for the rocket with which we explore this world.

In the old days we entered data and communicated with each other with the help of ink, nowadays it’s just rocket ink. You can read more about the origin of the name in this interview.

I have thought long and hard on how to make this a blog for the readers. The result is not a big news website, it’s a rather small but nice place in which I write about handpicked topics and tell my stories.

By the way, this blog is not intended to inherit the operating mode of a rumor mill.

Rumor mills look like wind mills, the only thing were you can tell them apart is that the former will only produce hot air.

About Me

I’m a trained audio-engineer, but happen to work as a graphic & web design freelancer. I’m also a part-time student at Humboldt University in Berlin were I study Anglistics and German philology.

Contact and RSS Feeds

This blog has a comment section. For those of you who like it even more personal, feel free to contact me directly via this temporary address or swift and zippy via:

You can subscribe to new articles by…

… the old and trusty RSS Feed:
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I try to answer all emails and I actually look forward to when someone takes their time to write to me. I thank you upfront for your understanding that my answer could take a while.

Technical Things

This site runs on Jekyll and is hosted on the awesome Uberspace. The logo plus the theme are hand-carved by me The body font is Droid Sans by Steve Matteson, for the code blocks a Droid Sans Mono version comes to the fore – to be precise (this one with the slashed zero). Oswald by Vernon Adams bedecks the Headlines.

I write in Markdown and the posts get synced to my Uberspace via Dropbox were they automatically get deployed by Jekyll.

Side note

This blog has matured from a personal log into a project which I’d like to use for growing as a writer. It’s supposed to be the starting point for the projects I’ve planned for the next years.

In addition, it makes me happy when people find my articles useful – I also enjoy any kind of feedback (especially for instance, if you find some grammar and language mistakes).