A Windows user's life with the Mac, two months in

Updated on: January 15, 2013 at 00:00

LINK - A Windows user's life with the Mac, two months in → via @_patrickwelker

I came across this review a week ago, but somehow I can’t let go of it. I just like the fact too much that the author is really giving the Mac a fair chance. Plain and simple he lists the facts that he’s not comfortable with yet. Everything is explained in a very neutral way – which I find fitting for a delicate comparison of two operating systems.

I don’t present my story to entice people to shift from one platform to the other, or to say one is better than the other.

Danny Sullivan, if you ever read this then check out:

That’s the top of a monitor where I have open my Chrome browser, the Mac notes app, and Thunderbird. The latter two are hidden under the browser. The only way to get to them is to use the Mac “Mission Control” key, a painfully slow process for those using multiple monitors.

I don’t know if Danny minimizes the windows or hides them, but switching with cmd+TAB should work just fine. Maybe Witch would also be a nice addition since it can take minimized Windows from Dock back to screen. Admitted, Mission Control really feels slow – I barely use it. Spaces arewas also a great feature I set up correctly to divide task based work spaces on your Mac – to bring back this feature there’s a great app called TotalSpaces also from the TotalFinder developers BinaryAge.

With only two months in there’s a world ahead to explore. The complete switch took me about a year.

All the best to all new Mac users and… give the Mac a chance.

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