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I’m a Mac convert since 2005 and one of the first things I did was hanging around MacTHEMES (RIP)[^1] and starting to mod my Mac.

[^1}: MacTHEMES was a ressource for all things theming. Ever since iOS came along it went downhill being flodded with cheap icons on a daily basis until the admin decided to take it offline.

I did everything from modifying my SArtFile.bin to building up an enormous CandyBar library. I did the same to my first iPhones and my girlfriend’s Mac. On her MacBook I changed the boot image and background color of the startup screen with BootXChanger. She has a sweet tooth and so I put a cupcake on it instead of that healthy gray apple. In addition I tweaked her login screen to display “Cake OS - 100% sugar free”.

I stopped theming a few years ago. OS X looks pretty sleek out of the box and way too often I uglified my OS instead of beautifying it.

However, I know there are a lot of people out there who still like to tweak the default OS X appearance a bit. Also being aware of the fact that it’s quite the task to modify some aspects of OS X, I always find it nice to see new applications appear which focus on an easier user experience to theme one’s Mac.

A couple of days ago Flavours was released and apart from applying themes you can also share you’re own creations.

Here are some screen shots from the official website so you can get a ruff idea what you can do with it:

deviantart bexos anodi

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