TapCellar, Try Out a Different Brand From Time to Time

November 04, 2014
Updated on: November 04, 2014 at 21:10

LINK – TapCellar, Try Out a Different Brand From Time to Time → via @_patrickwelker

My Internet pal Gabe Weatherhead (@macdrifter) released and iOS app with his buddy Jeff Hunsberger (@jeffhunsberger).

If you enjoy a malty beverage from time to time, go ahead and read Gabe’s post on TapCellar.

With all the detail, smart thoughts and small touches that went into the app, it’s exactly the app I’ve been waiting for… if only it would be for cheese.1

I especially like the rating mechanism, it’s really well-thought through. Also the sync with BreweryDB.com is straight forward — it’s a good choice.

You should listen to the TapCellar introduction episode on their dedicated beer podcast “Nerds on Draft” to get the whole picture.2

As you can already tell, they are serious about beer and their app is the nerds beer client of choice.

Official site: TapCellar by Gravity Well Group
Buy it: iTunes Affiliate Link

On this note:


  1. This is no joke guys. Make a cheese app!

  2. I love the bavarian folk music in the intro.

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