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LINK – DuckDuckGo Search & Stories → via @_patrickwelker

I wonder if this is the reason why my beloved Bang On app dropped support for DuckDuckGo recently.

One word: unexpected. I’m surprised to see (a new universal) DuckDuckGo in the App Store.

It’s an excellent search engine but I’m even more surprised by the heavy emphasize of the story component in the app itself. I’m more in the one-thing-well camp - Bang On excelled at this while DuckDuckGo Search & Stories leaves me a bit puzzled. Matter of fact I don’t get it, the stories look a bit like a filler to me. But then again that’s only half the truth, if you dig in the settings you can set to display your recent searches or saved searches and stories.

As to the stories, a post in the Hacker News comment section hints that there is a larger (hi)story behind it.

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