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April 23, 2015
Updated on: April 23, 2015 at 16:13

The great thing about simple tasks is that you don’t need to think about them; you just press a few buttons and the task is taken care of. That’s why I will always be a keyboard guy/Mac guy and not a power user on all things touch/iOS. Setting a timer is such a task.1

This LaunchBar action is my preferred way to get said job done. I trigger it all the time for everything that is more of a short-lived nature, whether it’s setting a tea timer or to remind me checking some website in 20 minutes after I’ve dealed with the task at hand. 90% of my other reminders go in Due.

A note on Alfred vs. LaunchBar

Yes, Alfred is also nice and super cool. Still, LaunchBar is my go to launcher since I prefer the way it handles file navigation/opening/everything. I use Alfred, too. Mostly for some clever workflows which I don’t plan to port to LaunchBar or Keyboard Maestro.

All in all, I find them to be very close. If you are willing to recreate some workflows/actions you don’t have to be as nuts as me running both. I imagine I’d kick one of them if I had a portable Mac just to save some resources.

  1. Yes, it’s only a few taps on iOS, but when I’m on the Mac it’s still that much faster. I use the hell out of on iOS. I ♡ it.

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