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April 25, 2015

Having linked to some nice space wallpapers in one of my last posts, I feel I could throw some more related links at you that have been sitting in my local link list file.

Let’s start with some sites that you can browse…

… and then add some single wallpapers for the iPhone 6…




Movie buff’s can also search for “wallpaper” on CriterionCast and Designers are generally a good source for cool wallpapers (cf Louie Mantia or David Lanham) – you can also stalk them on Dribbble.

If it isn’t enough for you to have these wallpapers shining at you from your Mac Desktop what about changing the login window wallpaper on your Mac? Jacob Salmela shows you how to do it – see the comments if you want to do this on Yosemite.

Ben Brooks provides one of the links I miss since MacThemes Forum & Co. have vanished from the internet. You can learn how to replace the system font. It’s a good found by Ben. Although, my eyes are hurting a bit ((fiery red wallpaper)).

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