Keep Calm And Carry On

March 14, 2013

Keep Calm And Carry On Until April 1 → via @_patrickwelker

The last few months I barely read RSS feeds… not willingly. I’m on a RSS diet because I just hadn’t the time to deal with my unread queue. This is the first time for about 6 years that I took a longer break (and it feels strange). I still checked in on a handful of feeds once a week. After all it’s a diet not a torture.

I think I can extend this “hiatus” for another 2 months. Then I still have 15 days to find a good Google reader alternative. Hopefully by then there will be a web oriented service which offers sync and has an attractive API so that my favorite iOS clients have no trouble building support for it.

This is a really exciting day. It’s good to finally have a date, to know when the doors close is better than using a product which is in abeyance. It was a great power tool and I will miss the shortcuts on the web application.

Here’s a motto wallpaper to help you get over your RSS depression (iPhone 5 and widescreen desktop versions included):



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