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September 15, 2014
Updated on: September 15, 2014 at 13:10

Selected Wallpapers For Your Devices → via @_patrickwelker

Here’s a collection of background images to enhance your productivity. They make Safari 20% faster and help you get things done in a minimal amount of time. Also, I don’t know yet if I can afford to upgrade my 2012 iPhone 5. I could press the buy button, but I most definitely shouldn’t if I want to avoid having to sign-up for a local cage fight match to pay the rent in 3 months time. So, as nice as those wallpapers are… they won’t fit on the iPhone 6’s gigantous display – so take that pre-orderers (♥‿♥).

Three classic Nintendo controllers by Larissa Herbst:

Super cool. I currently rock the Super Famicon on my iPhone’s lock screen.


If you like those, you should probably check out her older wallpaper pack with lots of goodies for TV buffs (The Simpsons, Spiderman, Adventure Time, Pokémon, …).


All of her wallpapers fit the iPad and the iPhone 5.

For the Adventure Time nuts out there, here are three more by Samuel Suarez. He has also a standard Spongebob flavoured and Mike Wazowksi.


Dribbble is always a good place to start looking for wallpapers. Lately I’m into geometric shapes as backgrounds. Sveinn Davidsson has some nice ones:


However, if you prefer gradients check out these two by Yoav Weiss:


Well, and if you combine geometric shapes with gradients you’ll arrive at something like these 3D Block Wallpapers by Matt Helm


Another Dribbble user, Scott Stephens, made ten parallax iPhone wallpapers out of the Spitzer’s Infrared Milky Way pictures.


Shapes and gradients are nice and all, but from time to time I enjoy a beautiful photography on my lock screen. The following collection by Ben “Macintosh” has a set of gorgeous scenic backgrounds for your iPhone… and it reminds me of Bradley Castaneda’s Wallpaper Archive which Shawn Blanc linked to.


You can also follow Ben on Instagram.

Nina Geometrieva has picked her artist name well. She has some nice geometric walls for you, the Meteor Wallpaper


… and a Sunset Wallpaper:


Honorable mentions:

Lastly, if your constantly on the look for some fresh wallpapers you could install the Bēhance app on your Mac and iDevice.

And if you want to go all flat there’s iOSX7 App Icons by nateblunt from deviantART. His icons brings the flattish iOS7 inspired look to a range of OS X apps.

Enjoy your screen(s).

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