Mango — a new Markdown editor web app


LINK – Mango — a new Markdown editor web app → via @_patrickwelker

If you ever wished there was a web application that works just like FoldingText, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. After releasing the plain text outliner Oak a month ago now Jesse Grosjean from Hog Bay Software added another piece to the puzzle; Jesse’s plan on releasing a complete plain text productivity suite certainly received a major bump with its latest addition. Mango comes with the most prominent features of his OS X counterpart: Folding & Focusing. If you know FoldingText you will feel right at home when using Mango.

FoldingText is my default editor on the Mac because I love how inline links just disappear and I can take a look at my Markdown document without the additional markup.

Mango is a great way to show a text to people who are unfamiliar with Markdown. You can paste your local document and edit it without people getting lost/mad because you added all that unnecessary characters. Plus you can focus on important topics without accidentally scrolling through the whole document.

I really like where this is heading and I’m wondering if there are any plans to support connecting popular cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Simplenote at some point in time.

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