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Gabe posted about Pinboard the deliberate choice of making Pinboard his new read later hub. He explains why Pinboard is what it is (= excellent) and compares the most popular iOS clients for the service.

If you’re not on Pinboard and are interested in finding a place where you can store all you’re bookmarks (and do much more) then his article is a good starting point.

Today’s teaser image hints at a thing that is a perfect match for Gabe’s article. It’s the second good news: the powerful Pinboard client Pushpin can now be enjoyed on the iPad, too. Dan Lowenherz, the founder (and (lead) developer I guess) of Lionheart Software, announced an iPad version a little over a month ago. Today it’s ready and live on the App Store.

New features:

  • iPad support
  • iOS 5.1 support
  • landscape mode
  • a double-tap to edit feature
  • faster bookmark updates (yes!)
  • read posts by default don’t get dimmed anymore

As well as some bug fixes and better tag support:

You can now specify “from:” sources for feeds. E.g., user: “dlo” and tag: “from:email” will return my bookmarks sent in via email. “twitter_favs”, “readability”, “twitter”, “instapaper”, “delicious”, “email”, and “ril” are all valid sources.

The existing URL Scheme is already pretty solid, so personally I’d prefer it over email since you can make use of the auto-complete feature for tags with it.

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