Toggling window positions like 1-2-3-4

January 19, 2014
Updated on: January 20, 2014 at 09:04

Toggling window positions like 1-2-3-4 → via @_patrickwelker

UPDATE: fixed the nvALT macro to work with any size of screens thanks to Peter N. Lewis from Stairways Software.

Here’s a small post about moving windows with Keyboard Maestro. The app isn’t my main window mover, but for the following task it beats all others: I have a dual monitor setup and wanted to move nvALT’s window to one of my favorite four positions.

More precisely, the goal here is to move from one positions to the next position and back with a shortcut (see below):


Formerly, despite wanting to have nvALT visible it was always in the way. Now I can hit ⌃⌘→ to move nvALT (or ⌃⌘← to move it back):


The macro:



Anyway, if you like the idea of toggling back and forth between different screen states here’s a macro that should work with every resolution and uses half of your screen real estate for the frontmost window. I’d recommend using it on a per app basis since the macro remembers its last state to find out which is the next/was the last position. Just change the move & resize action from “frontmost window” to the app (and/or as a best practice, create a group for that app and limit the shortcut to that app).



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