Brett Terpstra's Services Wrappers for Keyboard Maestro

March 01, 2013

Markdown Service Tools wrappers for #Keyboard #Maestro on your #Mac → via @_patrickwelker

When I composed my Ultimate Markdown Maestro Guide post I wrote about my intense use of Brett Terpstra’s Mac OS X system services and showed how I use them in different palettes which altogether build the main part of my writing workflow.

A couple of days ago Brett announced Markdown Service Tools 2.0. If you make use of the tools through Keyboard Maestro like I do, then I got something for you. The wrappers I build are updated too. I put them in a separate folder on GitHub (so that I don’t have to update the whole Maestro Guide repository) – I also threw in some other wrappers for the most popular of Brett’s services.

The content

  • Markdown Service Tools 2.0 Wrapper.kmmacros
  • SearchLink Generator Palette.kmmacros
  • Clip Text File.kmmacros
  • Convert Date.kmmacros
  • Convert Inline Footnotes.kmmacros
  • SearchLink.kmmacros
  • Sparkup.kmmacros

For more information about the Markdown Service Tools visit the project site1 and to get all the details on how the SearchLink Generator works visit my older post.

If you enjoy Brett’s tools then you might consider a donation.2


  1. As of writing this the project site is not completely updated, but you’ll get a good idea what most of the services do.

  2. Come on… for how long have you used this great set of services?! Buy the man a beer!

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