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LINK - Using Git with Dropbox → via @_patrickwelker

Nifty idea: placing your git remote origin master inside Dropbox an occasionally pushing the changes to it. I’d never even though of such a workflow. It’s a cheap alternative if you have no host where you can create git repositories.

The two main drawbacks are that this setup only works well when you’re on your own. I have a few git repo’s in my Dropbox which I didn’t exclude from my Dropbox sync and even those were prone to errors. Imagine a team working on a project that’s hosted on Dropbox. That’s a no-no. But for a one man coding army it should work.

The other thing is that Dropbox’s syncing algorhtyhm doesn’t work to well with a lot of small files. That’s one reason why I put my Dropbox votes in this votebox suggestion: “Ignore file like .gitignore”1.

All in all, when basic versioning and zero costs for private repositories are something for you, then here’s one more option to look into.

PS: Yep. That’s an Octcocat not the Git logo in the “O”.

  1. The odds seem to be slightly better than voting for CLI support for the Mac and Windows here. I’m currently fed up with this and will do some research to find out if it’s possible to use the CLI version with a Mac. I’d have no problem to dismiss the GUI when I gain the little extras from

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