MailMate and OmniFocus, productive hacking


LINK – MailMate and OmniFocus, productive hacking → via @_patrickwelker

For those of you who don’t know the most-powerful mail client for the Mac that’s been around since 2010 there’s a very good (and recent) introduction for you which Gabe Weatherhead put together in his MailMate Explorations article.

However, this link post is about a plugin for MailMate by Brett Terpstra which makes MailMate play nice with OmniFocus. Go check it out if you use OmniFocus. It might convince you to give MailMate a try. And, if you’re a MailMate and OmniFocus user then click the link already – why are you still here?

PS: The two tiny arrows in the header image are brought to you by Known for his eagle eyes and great blog content.1

  1. Although, “on my focus” would have made sense… this slipped my attention.

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