Count The Days Since X Happened With Time

February 18, 2014

Count The Days Since X Happened With Time → via @_patrickwelker

I’m a dedicated Due user. I have all kinds of reoccurring tasks in the app set up as reminders and a fleet of timers which come in handy when working in the kitchen. I even went so far to setup a reminder to clean my glasses once a week with water instead of just wiping them with a cloth. In the past I regularly submitted feature requests to the Due team. One of those request was to integrate an option to display how many days passed since a reminder was checked off. This would make the log view much more useful for me and I could pass on using an extra app for this tasks.

Well, the app I used until now wasn’t pretty, wasn’t iOS 7 ready and wasn’t easy to use. I started looking for a replacement and found it in the Time Duration Calculator by Benjamin Kramer.

The app can display how much time went by since you last did something and also how long until a certain event is about to happen. Similar to Begin the app divides your screen vertically into these two sections – if you just use one, c.f. you have only listed events in the past, you will only see those entires. All-in-all it’s a very clean interface and a joy to use.


As you see in the screen shot above, there are some events which are highlighted in green. That’s because it’s also possible to set a reminder to notify you before or after a certain time span has elapsed. You can set a fix reminder by date or by a custom interval:

time reminders edit view

Time is well thought through. For instance, a nice little feature is to display a list of all reminders by swiping down. A subtle animation will reveal all your alerts.

time alerts

As far as gestures go, you can tap and hold on an entry and edit it. The other to options are swiping right to reveal the exact time that passed or is still left. If you tap on that area you can switch between three views. By swiping left you can delete an entry or set the event to today.

time gestures

I started out using Time for passed events only, but found myself using the “time until” function sparsely for stuff like expiring subscriptions or coupons. The latter is usually a fine fit for a calendar app, but I find it nice to have a list which gives me a visual glance over what’s expiring next (in form of actual days).

Time set me back 99 cents and thats 99 well invested cents to be precise. No in-app purchases and alike. Just the type of sleek app I missed on my phone.

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