Dropbox, The Muppets And Attention To Detail

October 10, 2014

Dropbox, The Muppets And Attention To Detail → via @_patrickwelker

Dropbox is the home for your most important stuff—now we’re bringing it to life with a growing family of products. As we scale our global brand, there’s plenty of space for you to grow alongside us and simplify life for millions of people around the world.

There’s something about Dropbox that just clicked with me years ago. While this has been the case for many other tech brands, only a few were capable of keeping it that way. I still feel literally connected to Dropbox. Sync.

Despite slowly offering more than just sync, I still put the company in the category ‘one thing well’. With Google deemed evil some years ago and Apple focusing more and more each year on how to perfect their marketing, Dropbox has been “a constant” in my life.

In my mind I still see the 2007 version of Dropbox, 12 nerdy people hacking away to deliver the perfect sync every other major company chases after. The sync which the one company I own a lot of devices from just can’t deliver yet.

Anyhow, the truth is that Dropbox has become a huge company with over 300 million customers. This has it’s benefits like solid improvments, add-ons (Photo galleries, the PDF view, an iOS app, …) and it’s downsides. For me the latter mostly consists of (waiting longer for) nerdier things like an ignore file à la GitHub, Markdown support and generally more customization options.

I can live with that. Their core product is just so different from other big companies I like because they don’t have a vast range of products to offer. I thinks it’s this dedication, this belief in their product1 and the subliminal nerdiness at their foundation why I still feel good vibrations when I see that blue logo with a blue box.

That’s that. I just felt like getting this out. But the main reason why I started this post is, that the Muppets explaining for over a week now on YouTube what it’s like working at Dropbox. I just wanted to let you know.

One of the reasons why they produced this cool video is… they are constantly hiring. And if you feel up for the task, I’d give it a try. It might can’t beat working at Panic, because Panic is Panic, but it’s the next best thing.

On another note, Dropbox has recently published some beautiful manuals for users and admins. They sure to nice things and the manuals are definitely worth a look. Your design-spoiled eyes will enjoy the view.

PS: I envy those puppets for the Dropbox T-Shirt they own.

  1. Remember that they also didn’t like the idea of an acquisition and selling out?

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