Repeat Timer Pro Mini-Review

November 11, 2013

Repeat Timer Pro Mini-Review → via @_patrickwelker

I came to Repeat Timer Pro because I was looking for a functional and simple interval timer which allows me to setup my Yoga timers. After spending enough money on timer apps and intervall timers that didn’t fit my need, I finally settled with this beautiful digital companion.

The app is super simple to use. You have a total of four timers which you can label and configure. Switch to another timer is done via swiping left or right. In addition, you can set different sounds for each of the four timers.


Speaking of sounds, the app ships with 21 more sophisticated and 11 more gimmicky sounds. Most of them don’t sound cheap and are ClearTones timeless.1

What sets Repeat Timer Pro apart from the rest is that you can swiftly reconfigure your timers. There are neither cumbersome submenus to tame, nor complex calculations to be made. Modifying a timer is only one tap and then a round of spin the wheel to get the setup you want.


The main drawback and why most people I suggested it to for their workout routine didn’t try it out in the first place is: “only four timers, but I need at least 12”. Admitted, it’s not the app for complex workouts. But since you can change the intervals pretty fast it fits my needs for simpler workouts. For complex tasks, specifically for running I have another favorite which I will introduce to you another time.

Currently I have 3 Yoga timers with different lengths and one timer which I use as an all purpose timer for quick changes.

PS: As of writing this mini review, Repeat Timer Pro is temporarily available for free in the App Store. Check it out.

  1. A few of them aren’t super high quality.

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