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What to do when you want all your bookmarklets available without clumsy mouse pushing? One way would be using Keyboard Maestro. But what if you good a truckload full of bookmarklets that you what to be easily accessible? Palettes can get out of hand, too, if you have many items in them. Meet Backtick.

Backtick is a console for bookmarklets and scripts, packaged as a Chrome extension. For a better explanation, just click that Try it out button already, or press the backtick ( ` ) key on your keyboard.

The extension comes with a set of predefined commands, but you can easily create your own to use yourself or share with others.

In short, it’s like Alfred for your browser’s bookmarklets. If you’re a Sublime Text or FoldingText user, you’re already familiar with the command mode feature and it’s only fair that you’ll bring this gift to your browser, too.


The guy behind Backtick is @JoelBesada. You can find the open sourced project on GitHub. A license costs about $3.99 (I only get the Euro price displayed and was to lazy to look up the exact price in USD) but you can try out the extension for free.

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