Pinboard and Google Chrome, Tags and Tab Sets

August 12, 2013

Pinboard and Google Chrome, Tags and Tab Sets → via @_patrickwelker

Some time ago I shared my favorite extension for Google Chrome. Among those were two Pinboard extensions which I used frequently. However, just recently I uninstalled both in favor of a new extension and a good Pinboard client for the Mac. This short post is about the new replacements.

Save Tab Sets

Those who read the mentioned post know that I tried to make a bookmarklet for this sole purpose before but failed miserable:

Mario Fischer, developer of the Safari Pinboard Extension was so kind to provide me with the Javascript to write such a bookmarklet, but I just started learning Javascript and a failed rewriting the snippet. If you’re interest in building a save tabs bookmarklet just send me an email. My attempt at finding some talented JavaScript Pinboard addict who is willing to do the dirty work (for me… and others).

Yohei Marion Okuyama was sitting in front of his screen in Tokyo and read it. He decided to write me an email and ask for the code Mario provided. I send him the snippet and boom, here is a shiny new Save Tabs set to Pinboard extension for Google Chrome.1

For me this fast new way to save tab sets instantly lead to uninstalling the official extension. There was no reason to keep it any longer since that’s the one thing I used it for and now I prefer the lightweight one-click solution.

Here’s a Keyboard Maestro macro which uses the image search action so that you can assign a hot key to that extension:


Other Solutions for Saving Tabs

If you’re a Safari user check out the Save tabs extension.

And, if you’re a shellista who’d like to save a list of all the bookmarks in one window as a plain text file and simply open all links via Terminal then head over to this Dr. Drang article. It’s a really cool script and I’m already thinking about doing the same thing as with Cheaters; namely: a list that pops up and asks you if you want to open a tab set, save a new one or overwrite an existing one.

Search Pinboard and Add Bookmarks

The next extension which had to go was the unofficial Pinboard extension had to go since it randomly generated untagged and public bookmarks for websites I visited. I had an email conversation with Pinboard’s Maciej Ceglowski because I thought the click history feature was to blame for it. Thanks to Maciej support I was able to narrow it down to said extension.

After I dismissed it, there was no way for me to quickly search Pinboard on the Mac. Gladly Shiori came along and I have to say: this is the app I’ve been waiting for. The advantage is not only I have one browser extension less to eat ressources, now I can also search with a global hotkey and don’t have to be in Google Chrome.

It’s super fast, has auto-completion on board and I also use it for bookmarking. My two wishes are (1) fuzzy-matching for tags (e.g. find my most used @important tag when typing important) and (2) that it pulls tags from already bookmarked URL’s instead of overwriting them.

All-in-all, a splendid addition to my Pinboard workflow.

  1. Okuyama’s plan first combat plan was to make it a bookmarklet, but it turned out that it’s not possible to get opened tabs information out of Chrome via JavaScript since one can’t access other windows with it. That’s why decided to go with a extension as a wrapper for his script.

Link List – August 8, 2013

August 08, 2013

Link List – August 8, 2013 → via @_patrickwelker

Twelve South's HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini


LINK - Twelve South's HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini → via @_patrickwelker

Gadget alarm. Twelve South released their newest addition to their product palette: the HiRise stand for the iPhone and iPad mini.

I’m a sucker for their products. Although I only own two at the moment, their Compass stand and the BookBook for iPhone.

Twelve South sells high quality and practical accessories for your gadgets. They think outside of the box and that’s what I like about them.

A Pinboard Reading Library


LINK - A Pinboard Reading Library → via @_patrickwelker

Gabe posted about Pinboard the deliberate choice of making Pinboard his new read later hub. He explains why Pinboard is what it is (= excellent) and compares the most popular iOS clients for the service.

If you’re not on Pinboard and are interested in finding a place where you can store all you’re bookmarks (and do much more) then his article is a good starting point.

Today’s teaser image hints at a thing that is a perfect match for Gabe’s article. It’s the second good news: the powerful Pinboard client Pushpin can now be enjoyed on the iPad, too. Dan Lowenherz, the founder (and (lead) developer I guess) of Lionheart Software, announced an iPad version a little over a month ago. Today it’s ready and live on the App Store.

New features:

  • iPad support
  • iOS 5.1 support
  • landscape mode
  • a double-tap to edit feature
  • faster bookmark updates (yes!)
  • read posts by default don’t get dimmed anymore

As well as some bug fixes and better tag support:

You can now specify “from:” sources for feeds. E.g., user: “dlo” and tag: “from:email” will return my bookmarks sent in via email. “twitter_favs”, “readability”, “twitter”, “instapaper”, “delicious”, “email”, and “ril” are all valid sources.

The existing URL Scheme is already pretty solid, so personally I’d prefer it over email since you can make use of the auto-complete feature for tags with it.