Affinity Designer – The Next Vector Graphics Tool For The Mac

August 22, 2014
Updated on: August 22, 2014 at 20:32

Affinity Designer – The Next Vector Graphics Tool For The Mac → via @_patrickwelker

You probably heard about Sketch from Bohemian Coding by now. It’s a great illustration program for graphic designers which are looking to create vector art outside of the hell that is the Goliath Corporation1 Adobe. It’s affordable, has a solid community which provided tons of plug-ins and it’s growing rapidly.

Well, competition is always a good thing for the customer. That’s why I’m happy to make this post about Affinity Designer by Serif2 to you. It strives to bring you vector bliss to your Mac at a competitive price. Currently it’s in open beta… and already brillant. From the couple of test rounds I can tell that I’ll like it and buy it.

So, if you’re a vector guy and have enough side-projects that allow you to sway away form Illustrator go check it out.

No subscription

It’s free to try, £34.99 to buy. That’s it.

But wait… there’s more. Photoshop and Indesign users don’t have to pull out the handkerchief to wipe away their tears because they were forgotten once again. Matter of fact the guys from Serif have a real little suite for the digital craftsman in the pipeline, including Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo (read: Photoshop alternative) and Affinity Publisher (read: Indesign alternative). You can read more about it on their about site. The forums hint that a public beta for the Photo app is soon to be released, so keep an eye peeled.

Uninteresting side note here:

Sketch is super light in size with 30 MB. Affinity Designer comes second with 290 MB and Illustrator is blustering behind with 510 MB. RAM-wise it’s the same picture: Sketch isn’t that hungry, Affinity and Adobe come in second.

  1. Or was it Conglom-O?… it’s always hard to differentiate between those super large companies.

  2. Nice domain, guys!

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